When Should You Change Your CMS to WordPress?

It all depends on where you think the current CMS is lacking. What are the gaps and loopholes in its functionality and performance that you think WordPress will be able to bridge and smooth over?

Perhaps it isn’t flexible enough, or you’re looking for a better design. Perhaps you’re finding it a bit complicated to manage and want an easier option. Or as a developer, you want coding freedom that your current CMS simply doesn’t have.

Whatever your gripe with the CMS you’re using right now, one thing is for certain: you want to change.

In this article, we are going to share 9 reasons why we think you should opt for WordPress – the most popular CMS there is – as your next one.

Reason no. 1: It’s Free and Open Source
WordPress is free – meaning no license fees ever no matter you’re using it for an independent blog or a big e-commerce store. However, you do have to pay a hosting fee to maintain your WP site. WordPress is free in the sense that it is open-source software – anyone can make changes to the code, add extensions, create plug-ins, build themes – and add to it in any other way they want.
That is why it is so loved by developers all over the world. If you hire a web developer to fix your website or issues related to CMS, then you won’t be disappointed to find one available readily and do your job fast.

Reason no. 2: It’s User-Friendly for Both Developers and End-Users
Unlike other CMS options like Joomla and Drupal, websites built on WordPress are ridiculously easy to set-up, launch, and manage. If you know how to use a standard Microsoft Word document, learning how to use WP is almost a no-brainer.
Plus, for developers of varying skill levels, WordPress offers a vast range of coding opportunities. Even if you take on board a developer to help you transition to WordPress, they would know how to code and add plug-ins, design themes, modify an existing feature, add something new and just have fun with it.

Reason no. 3: It’s Got Free Themes
If it’s the look and website design you want to change, the themes depository at WordPress has an abundant choice of designs suitable for all different sorts of websites. Your web developer can easily pick one and customize to your brand and business needs. What’s more, all the recent themes in the gallery are also responsive – meaning the design won’t be harmed when viewed on smaller screens of mobile devices. Something that Google loves.

Reason no. 4: Has More Than Enough Plug-Ins
WordPress has a plugin for every feature you could want on your website. From SEO to cache, and from website forms to page sliders, WordPress plugins take care of all your evolving business needs.

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are:

Yoast SEOContact Form 7
Smush Image Compression and Optimization
Google XML Sitemaps

But you don’t have to live on plugins alone. Customization in terms of coding within the site to create your own unique website is also possible. For example, creating your own page with CSS, JSON and PHP is also doable by hiring a developer for a one time job.
Reason no. 5: Love for All Media
WordPress supports all types of media files. Without having to follow any complicated procedures, like in Drupal, you can add images, audio files, videos, company logo design, and other file formats easily into your regular content, and embed media links as well.

Reason no. 6: Flexible URL/Permalink Customization
To rank better in SERPs and have a URL that is easy to read, understand, and share with others, WordPress offers customized permalink structures – if you don’t want to use the default one it provides.
Through this customization option, WordPress also offers flexibility in terms of creating unique URLs for individual pages, posts, and tags.

Reason no. 7: Easy Data Migration
Data migration in WordPress is easy, free, and can be done in a few clicks. Perhaps you want to move your website to a new domain, or just want to create a clone, there are a ton of WordPress plugins that make the deal as smooth as butter.
With other CMS, it may be possible too but with a bit of more customization required. You’ll need specialist in, say Drupal or Woocommerce to do the job, who might not be easily available in the market.
You’ll be able to back-up your data, create different versions of your site, switch to a new domain, or even move to another CMS entirely, with WordPress’ easy data migration, it will never be a headache.

Reason no. 8: Comes with Power-Packed SEO
Everyone conducting business on the Internet wants to rank well on Google’s search engine. Great search rankings mean more visibility for your business, which means more chances to make sales, which means more chances to earn a profit.

That’s why when Google’s Matt Cutts praised WordPress’ SEO abilities it gave a huge boost to WordPress’ already popular support. The fact is, WordPress as a software and as a platform comes power-packed with some great SEO capabilities:

• Image optimization
• Easy generating of XML Sitemap
• Fast linking
• Permalink structure
• Easy creation of categories and tags

To add further punch to your WordPress SEO, install Yoast SEO.

Reason no. 9: Huge Developer Support
Being an open-source platform, WordPress enjoys massive and enthusiastic developer support that others in the industry like Joomla or Drupal just don’t have.
Whenever you feel stuck working on your WordPress website, the thriving community of WordPress developers, designers, and other knowledgeable people are there to support and guide you.
So what do you think? Any of these reasons address the lacking you are suffering from your current CMS? I think if even half of the features in this list are proving a problem for your present CMS, it is time to move.

Author Bio
Andreas Alanis works as a freelance blogger with a deep understanding of graphic design and brand identity design. He’s keen on educating his readers with information on marketing brands, promotional techniques and digital advertising.