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The days of conservative and passive marketing drives are over. Brands — small, medium, and large — have realized the selling power their website holds. Your website, optimized and designed to promote user engagement, provides your target audience with a comprehensive overview of your company’s value proposition.

Our Web Design Priorities

When our team at Wabes sets out to design your website, we put at the forefront the following key factors:

Lead Generation

The core purpose of digital marketing is the cultivation of viable, paying leads. A fully optimized website, with features designed to coral visitors further along the sales funnel, is one of the most organic forms of lead generation today.

User Engagement

A professionally designed website is one that is responsive and intuitive — allowing visitors to explore all corners of the site fully. Our design team sets out to ensure that the user experience is as maximized as it can be, with easy to navigate UI.

SEO Optimized

Website design plays a critical role for SEO and SEM purposes, with poorly structured website ranking resulting in reduced traffic from search engines. Wabes' coding team creates SEO optimized websites to maximize your organic traffic to its fullest.


Depending on your specific needs, your website may have to be customized and uniquely built. E-commerce stores, blogs, niche websites or portals; whatever your needs, our team of back-end, and front end developers will create a professional, useful site.


Whether or not you collect sensitive information on your website, you have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the data is secured with multiple measures. Security is particularly relevant for e-commerce brands looking to integrate payment platforms into their interface.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Corner the market across all platforms. Our web designers and developers in Toronto are capable of crafting a website that retains functionality and aesthetics across the web and mobile platforms. Ensure top-notch user experience, no matter what device is used to access your site.

Affordable and Collaborative

Get great value for your money working with the top-rated (per Toronto web design agency. Our team is focused on helping you be the best version of your brand you can be.

From the point of conception to the actual launch of your website, a dedicated team will be in correspondence with you, taking your inputs and crafting a website that meets your specifications.

Expedited Delivery

Worried about meeting deadlines or launching your brand by a target date? Keep calm. Our team treats your project as a priority; assigning as many capable and professional hands to it as possible, ensuring your needs are met with time to spare.

Our Packages

All our website include 1 Year free Domain & Hosting and Responsive Design compatible with all browsers and devices

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