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All businesses looking to cultivate a status as a/the top firm/agency, or industry leader, must realize just how powerful optics are. For all the services and value you might provide to customers, without attaining a certain level of automatic brand recognition, you will fail to hit your set targets.

At Wabes, we understand the impact graphic design can have on your business's bottom line. Your logo, when done right, transforms you from a cookie-cutter business to a, in a manner of speaking, name brand.

Brand Identity is Your Calling Card

If the goal is to expand your brand across multiple platforms—online and offline—it is paramount to create a consistent and uniform logo to capture the essence of your business. As your most easily recognized identifier, collaborators, clients, and partners, we will treat your logo as a graphic representation of your brand—it is best to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Variety of Meaningful Concepts

Our team of designers will collaborate with you, using your detailed briefs. Your input is taken into consideration through the entire design process, and, ultimately, you have the final say on choosing which logo best suits your company. You will have a number of options with different styles and chose the ones that you believe is the best representation of your brand’s values.

Aesthetically Pleasing Corporate Style

The goal of a logo is to serve as a singular, graphic representation of your brand's ideals and value. This goal means much thought must be put into it, apart from merely designing a colorful, eye-catching spectacle.

Mock-ups are made to determine the perfect font, size, color, and symmetry. See your ideas come to life, with variations of the logos visualized on complimentary cards, flyers, merchandise, and social media profiles.

We create a visually seductive, one-of-a-kind, complete design toolbox to allow for consistent communication via all channels and ensure a uniform visual representation of your brand.

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