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Wabes believes in unique, eye-capturing and creative logos which speak to the customers. We always start with discussing with you what ideas you have for your visual representation, then draft a few options of different styles and let you chose which ones you want us to polish for the final use. Being a leading branding agency in Toronto, we provide logo design packages that are tailored for your unique needs.

Logo Design

The logo is the visual identity of your brand: it showcases who you are, promotes your company’s vision, and communicates your values. Our leading logo design company in Toronto believes in unique, eye-catching, and creative logos which speak to your customers. In terms of process, we start with discussing your needs and ideas for your visual representation. Based on this, we draft a few stylistically distinct options. Finally, we let you choose which ones you want us to finalize.

Corporate Style

We create a visually seductive, one-of-a-kind, complete design toolbox to allow for consistent communication via all channels and ensure a uniform visual representation of your brand. You will receive a brand book which outlines what colors, fonts, symbols, shapes, and styles are to be used when crafting any communication on behalf of your company. Having a single point of reference is very beneficial if multiple people are involved in your PR functions.

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