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When it comes to finding the best way to spend your marketing budget, it is crucial to be aware of all the tools and services available for website promotion and their respective pros and cons. Our team stays up to date with industry developments to make sure you don’t spend dollars unnecessarily and that you get the highest return on your marketing investments. We create the most productive digital marketing strategy using social media marketing, pay per click and other digital marketing techniques to increase website traffic. We are the most recommended social media marketing, SEO and pay per Click Company in Toronto having a clientele consisting of recognized names. We offer the following digital marketing services:

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

You invested in an amazingly looking website but do not see any pick-up in customer flow? Our digital marketing team will evaluate your business model and the best  tools currently available to develop the most efficient strategy to fulfill your business goals:

– Analyze target market and audience
– Analyze competitors’ positions and where you stand
– Set up achievable and measurable goals
– Develop strategy to achieve these goals.

We can help with driving traffic to your website, increasing call volume and contact form submissions and much more.
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Brand Development

Before spreading out the word about your company, we want to make sure it has consistent logo, brand message and corporate style.

After a single glance a good logo will showcase your customers who you are, deliver your company’s vision, and communicate your values. Our leading logo design company in Toronto believes in unique, eye-catching, and creative logos which speak to your customers.

We also create a visually seductive, one-of-a-kind, complete design toolbox to allow for consistent communication via all channels and ensure a uniform visual representation of your brand.

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO

SEO boosts organic traffic flow to your website by bringing it to the top of the search results. These are the steps we follow in this process:

1) Technical Audit – identify errors that prevent search engines from properly indexing your website and fix them.
2) Keyword Research -research the best long tail keywords to target with optimal combination of  competition and search volume levels.
3) On-page/Content optimization – Properly fill in the headers, titles, meta tags, alt tags to maximize visibility for your chosen keywords. We also optimize your website copy sprinkling required keywords throughout.
4) Off-site optimization/Link Building – increase website visibility and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. Every quality domain that links back to your website is considered as a “vote” in your favour by search engines. Our SEO specialists will build a number of reputable links to boost your online presence.

We offer customized affordable packages tailored to your business size and needs. We always provide detailed reporting on all the work done at your website and demonstrate progress in Google Analytics.

Pay Per Click | PPC

PPC is the fastest and highly effective way to bring interested audience to your website. PPC displays your ads only to the users who are actively searching for similar things online. You are charged only when a user  clicks on your ad and can enjoy benefit of thousands of impressions and spreading the brand awareness for free amongst others that do not click. Each campaign is managed closely to be effective, grow your customer base, and ensure the highest profit on your ad investment.

We hold AdWords certificates for various types of campaigns and can run ads on the following platforms:

1) Google/AdWords
Search, Display, Shopping, Video Campaigns
2) Facebook
3) LinkedIn
4) Twitter
5) Bing

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Social Media Optimization


We can set up and design the social media profiles of your business on various platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+ etc. It’s an efficient way to reach new customers, engage with existing ones, and promote your brand values and messages.
We stay on top of new developments and make sure to offer faster and cheaper ways to reach your audience through these platforms.

PR, Email and Social Media Marketing


We can help with managing your social media accounts through post curation, post sharing and regular interaction with audience.

Engaging with your existing audience through Email Campaigns is a powerful tool to keep reminding your audience about your services as well as communicating your deals and promotions.

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