Molecular Medicine Company

Excellthera was looking for a dynamic fresh nonconventional animated navigation with drag and drop functionality. Wabes delivered interactive fresh design. Animated pages made technical graphs and tables easy to digest.

Task at hand

Website development for a biotech start-up supplying molecules and bioengineering solutions for expanding stem and immune cells to be used in therapeutic treatments for patients with hematological malignancies and autoimmune disorders. The purpose of the project is to display in an interactive way quite sophisticated technology.

Website Design top - Excellthera


Major focus was on design. In the modern communication process, the most effective way of transmitting information is visualization. As studies show from a text description, a person assimilates only 70% of the information, and when adding images, the result increases to 95%. Therefore, we made a decision to submit information in a structured way and use a large number of infographics with animated effects.
The website uses horizontal animation and therefore resembles a Power Point slide which are quite typical in scientific circles.


A non-standard, creative approach to the implementation of the main page and site navigation was applied. Mainly switching between pages is done by clicking or pulling the corresponding “petal from the flower”, the drag and drop animation.


Animated page about what the company does, history of its development demonstrated via an elegant pulsating timeline, presentation of an experienced and balanced team.

Website Design  third - Excellthera
Website Design fourth - Excellthera


The “Technology” page is undoubtedly successful, on which, in only three screens, the technology used by the company was demonstrated. Each element on the graph is animated for the user to follow the process applied in ExcellThera technology.

Website Design fifth - Excellthera
Website Design sixth - Excellthera


The page was implemented by dividing each technology into a separate screen and applying animation to its content. Multiple graphs and tables that were successfully adapted to the responsive design made this particular section an accomplishment.

Website Design seven - Excellthera
Website Design eight - Excellthera


Since there are two official languages in Canada – French and English, the site has


The peculiarity of the project is a minimum of information, a maximum of visuals. Major focus was put on the mobile implementation of the site. For the convenience of its use, a completely different design was implemented and a different approach was taken in the layout of the site.


And also, for the convenience of users, an additional menu has been developed for navigating through the pages of the site on the mobile version by presenting each petal in the bottom menu for quick transfer to the necessary page.


Website Design nine - Excellthera