Algorithmic Trading Platform

The client is an established business with over 800 subscribers which provides consulting services for placing trades. Proprietary algorithmic software was developed for 5 various financial instruments. The main product of the company is to inform clients when is a good time to buy and sell, making the ability to quickly post and share updates crucial. Previously everything was managed only via Telegram, order system was maintained manually.

We started with a logo. Strict business style with cold colors.

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The client wanted to emphasize that this is automated software which makes decisions based on algorithms, therefore, we sourced images of robots using graphs and numbers on the background.


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robot - i-Algotrade

The technical goals for the new website were:


  1. – automate tracking of all subscribers, their packages, manage reminder emails and timely subscription renewal
  2. – have a number of subscription channels available only to the clients who purchased relevant subscriptions, manage the privacy of each subscription channel
  3. – ability to add trading signals in a tabular form on the website and change their status
  4. – automate sharing of all the new posts including information on trading signals to Telegram
  5. – have private client area with access to all orders history, invoices, and current subscriptions
  6. – synchronize the flow of financial data from sales to the website
  7. – 2 languages with different content, not a simple translation of each page


How it looked at the end


The client has 2 languages on its website and content differs for two versions. English version has 2 channels and Italian 6.

Each channel represents a feed of posts which is only available to users who have purchased a subscription to relevant channels


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We designed custom digital packaging for each channel. There are 4 periods available for subscription: monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual with different pricing for each channel and period.


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Comments/posts in each channel are searchable by a simple text, or via instrument selection. Each post can be tagged with multiple instruments.


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Some channels have a table of trading signals with Enter and Exit price and comment. The table has the capacity to be filtered by the status of the signal (closed/active/canceled) as well as by the instrument.


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When admin posts updates to each channel he selects whether or not it needs to be shared on Telegram as well. Private Telegram channels are the main contact point for this company and its clients. When a new signal is added to the table, a message about it also is sent to Telegram in text format with all necessary details for a quick update.


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The private area of each user has account information, list of current subscriptions with status Active, Expired and a tab with the list of orders. Users get email notification when their packages are about to expire.


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Shopping Cart page


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Payment options include Wire Transfer (details sent in the Order Confirmation email) or payment with Credit Card or Paypal via Paypal payment gateway.


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Customized emails were developed for each stage of the checkout process.


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Invoices are generated by the website and sent together with the order confirmation. We have synchronized the website order information with customer Accounting Software (QuickBooks) via API thus removing the need for an accountant to manually enter new sales on her end.


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To ensure a smooth transition to the new system we helped the client to move all existing users into a database with expiry dates of each package.


Website development took 6 weeks including the transition of all existing clients. This website is based on WordPress.


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