How to Design a Logo that can Perfectly Represent Your Brand?

Over the past ten years, logo design tactics have been a vital aspect of so many businesses and individuals. Logos speak a lot about an individual or the company owning it. There are several elements to consider in order to create any logo design in. The main idea is to make the logo design to stand out as it’s what that reflects the image of the company or individual.

Logos define what a business looks like and there are things to follow before you can come up with the best method of designing a logo design. They include:

Knowing the client and their nature

Before starting a logo design project with a client it’s very necessary that you get to know who you are dealing with. Asking specific questions to individual clients is very necessary for creating a logo design in. They will help you to know their tastes and preferences. This can bring a unique thinking on each individual project. Some clients will want to take control over the design project while some of them might know very little about the design they want. You can advise them to take some inspiration from certain already established brands.

Knowing the clients’ industry and competition

It’s important that you go out there and look at the brands in the industry. You will not want to create the same brand as those out there. By doing such kind of research it will help you to come up with something unique which cannot embarrass you.

It’s worth noting that there are lots of similarities in creating a logo. We commonly see some colors in many brands such as green which represents nature and for others, it represents healthy food. Red is used in many brands to capture the attention of people.

Deconstructing the words and letters

So many people will like to see the company name written in pieces and try to make a connection with the symbols used for the identification of the company just the way the client may want it. For any logo design to have some uniqueness, it has to create some appeal and impression which can help the client in showing the outlook of the company.

Put the pen to paper

It’s important that you first create some sketches of what you want to design for the client. Ideas flow well on paper because there are no distractions from the mouse or keyboard.

Every designer has their unique way of doing things but coming up with sketches is the best way of getting things going without getting worried on the form of design.

Using Adobe Illustrator to refine a design sketch

Once you have come up with the sketch ideas you then use adobe illustrator to refine the ideas into some graphic elements. Adobe Illustrator has tools to help you create a logo in such a way it can be resized to what is intended without changing the quality.

Select appropriate fonts

It’s important to use distinct typefaces. When working out on logo design we usually find ourselves going for black font forgetting that there are so many options out there. Keep your fonts organized so that you can easily choose what you want.

Selecting a color scheme

Most people choose the color they want to use very early on. Sometimes we are told the type of colors to use from the very beginning. Large companies have in place the brand guide before starting.

The color scheme will play a vital role in the process of logo design. Therefore it’s important that you choose the perfect colors for your logo.