Common Mistakes Front-End Developers Often Make

While making business visible to masses spending their time on the internet, no business wants its online representation to be dull and unimpressive. If a website fails in pleasing and engaging a visitor, the business immediately loses a potential customer. Bad design of a new website is destined to fall short in earning revenues. Even if you make bad changes in the design of your website, you will see a dramatic downturn in your revenues. Which is why a website design company in Toronto will use only the web design best practices and should avoid some front-end development mistakes that can completely destroy the future user base of the website being developed. Avoiding these mistakes will help a website design company in designing and developing a beautiful and functional website.

Using Tables

As compared to DIV containers and CSS, tables are easier to work with. However, a table can inject flaws in a website design and also make front-end development messy. And moreover, tables also behave differently on different browsers. Hence more and more front-end developers are using DIV containers and CSS to create an optimal layout. Use tables for displaying information only not for creating layouts. Make minimum use of tables while creating layouts.

Using Old HTML Elements

HTML5 is the latest release and it comes with several new elements. Some of the existing HTML tags are deprecated. So, a front-end developer working in a Toronto website design company should stop coding with older versions of HTML. The performance of a website design greatly depends on the browser support.
And, not all browsers will support deprecated tags and the old HTML standard. So, coding with older HTML versions is a bad practice and this is not good for the performance and security of the website.

Not Testing For All Major Browser

It is very important to make sure that the website offers the same browsing experience on all major browsers. So, testing code in all major browsers is the best practice. The front-end developer should execute front-end code in at least three major browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (Edge in Windows 10). Apart from this, front-end developers should also make sure that the website gives optimal performance on older versions as well. So, the code should be tested in older versions as well.

There are three more major front-end development mistakes developers often make. These are:

  1. Not making website design responsive
  2. Neglecting site speed
  3. Not using the latest JavaScript Libraries